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Adventures in Chaos

Been an eventful couple of days up at the farm.

Thursday night we had a pretty strong thunderstorm roll through. Lots of thunder, lightning, and wind but not a lot of rain.

In the middle of it, I get a phone call from the neighbor.

One of the pigs is out.

Call Dad. He goes out to check fence lines and finds that a tree came down on the Gilligan Girls fence. And only two of them are still inside.

So he goes out searching. No luck.

We figure she'll bed down or find her way home.

Now it's 2100 and I get a call from another neighbor. She's in their garden. She took a bite of some broccoli and munched on the lettuce.

I hop in the truck and head over.

She's left the garden and the last they saw her she was headed back up through the woods. I drive up through, accidentally spotlight a lovely little herd of deer, and still no luck.

Pop over to another neighbors and hop out of the truck. Car pulls in and says they saw her almost in the road. They went and got Dad so we all start looking. Still no luck.

2200 and I get a text from Dad. She's near the farmhouse.

I drive over to the farm and cross through the woods. And there she is. She was headed home, just hadn't quite made it.

With a bit of coaxing we get her back in the pen and I head off to make sure her sisters are still in.

They are and they're really curious as to what I'm doing in their pen in the middle of the night.

Get home at 2330, shower, and go to bed.

Friday afternoon Dad and I go tackle the tree.

The biggest issue of where it fell is that it's hard to get to. We lugged everything over, put in new posts, and chopped up the broken pieces.

Of course we had lots of help....

They're delightful and I love my pigs but goodness.

I’m so glad we have such great farm neighbors. Y’all are the best!

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