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An epic 91 year run

On Tuesday September 21, 2021 my Gram, June A Bartlett, left this Earth. She was 91.

And, as my aunt put it: Look out Universe.

Gram was a force. She did things her way and in her own time and with her own style.

She walked the wheels off two rollators and we were looking into engineering one with more off road capabilities just this past spring.

Fun story: She had gone down to Tilton House to get something to eat but had forgotten the bungee to bring it back. Refusing to accept a ride home, the guys taped it to the seat so she could continue her walk. I thanked them for that a few weeks later and they were still laughing.

She loved the farm. While she never ran it, she very much enjoyed the super-social piglets who would run around nudging her feet or stand still when she scratched their backs. She brought a friend up to hear Han's growl, but of course he wouldn't do it. So when I caught it on video she insisted I send it to her phone so she could share it. As her health declined, I brought a piglet down to the house for some extra attention and let her snuggle him. When I had extra smelly hands from working in the barn, she told me she liked the smell so I ran my fingers through her hair to share the love. I tried to get her to suit up and come work in the apiary with me but she never took me up on it. I think she probably just liked the honey.

We've all been remembering stories and digging up photos for the past few days and it's been kind of cathartic. And while I will miss her, she lived a very long and interesting life.

So Gram: we love you and we're going to miss you. Just try to behave up there, please?

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