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So here's where we're at.

It's February. It's cold.

We have 3 purebred Hereford piglets on the ground. I'd like to have 30 by now but Mother Nature chooses what she does. We can't decide how she works so we're just waiting to see what comes next.

The loss of Tank still stings but we do have another Hereford boar getting ready to be shipped from Reinhardt Mini Ranch in Merrill, Wisconsin. He will have a rough life of hanging out with our girls, father some babies, and be spoiled like crazy.

I just attended a marketing class through UNH where one of the main takeaways was that reaching out and keeping in touch with our customers is key. Apparently the lives we lead are interesting to people. If that's actually true, what kind of things would you like to see?

Maybe: recipes using seasonal food

canning/freezing/preserving foods (and the minor/moderate disasters... bagels were a flop this past weekend)

the life of a piglet

the daily goings on of the farm

the garden planning process?

You tell me what you want to see!

I plan to get better at this blogging thing as we go. Maybe figure out how to add photos?

That's all for tonight.


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