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Good days outweigh the bad in farming, but hot damn, bad days aren't awesome.

That's a text a friend sent me when I made the decision to put Wiggles down.

After 18 days on on Earth, she had a rough go and she was suffering. The progress we'd made on walking and even standing slipped away as she grew. I was hoping against hope that she'd get stronger and grow enough that I could bring her back to the barn. Maybe she'd never be quite normal but she could live out her time being an actual pig.

That said, I've spoiled her so much in the last few days. I let her go back to bottle feeding and falling asleep in my arms.

Little Dude is going to be kind of lost without her and while I can return him to his sibling group, they've grown tremendously since he last saw them so it may be a rude awakening. I'm hoping one of them will be pretty chill with him and we can put them together for a bit.

In the meantime, the Big 5 are running amok in the barn. They figured out how to get into Aunt Lovey's pen so they've been snuggling up to her quite a bit. She seems to be okay with it. And it was funny when all 5 of them stood at the rail to yell at Dad when he was late with dinner.

Otherwise, everyone still needs to be fed, the bees need some attention, and life continues its cycle of birth and death.

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Amy Stewart
Amy Stewart
18 בספט׳ 2021

RIP Wiggles

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