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Hubris and farming

Sometimes things go just as you plan. Sometimes that happens often enough that you start to expect it.

For us it’s moving pigs. The last handful of times we’ve needed to move them it’s gone fantastically well. We open the gate, have the bucket of food, and they follow right along.

Lovey and Ginger just walked right out of their outside pen and happily into the barn. They actually went faster than we expected.

Today it was Han’s turn to move.

It took some coaxing to get him across the entry of the pen he has shared with The Witches for the last few months but he finally stepped out. We only needed to move him 25 feet to the next outdoor pen. Turns out he thought that being pen-free was fun. I managed to get in front of him as he was headed to the neighbors house. Then we zigzaged through the garden and up behind the barn.

He was on a solid heading to the back field when he decided to go see what Boo was doing in his pen. With a bit of encouragement we managed to get him into one of the summer pens.

Ever tried to catch a pig? It’s not particularly fun. Also: they’re fast.

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