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March is Maple Month

I'll start this out with a full disclosure: I don't really like maple syrup. I find it very sweet and not something I really enjoy. I do, however, very much support local agriculture and think that more people should know where their food comes from and how it's made.

All over the state right now there are sugar houses opening up to the public to visit to see how maple syrup is made. And once you realize the amount of sap it takes and the time and the effort, the cost becomes really understandable. I hear some people really enjoy maple syrup on snow as well as breakfast and, if you're like Mum, on ice cream.

Up the street from us is Huckins Maple Farm where Jason and Bethany boil sap they collect from all over town (including some of our maple trees) with a wood fired evaporator that the late John Conde installed.

So even though it's still a pandemic, if you have the opportunity to get out and visit a sugar house, it's a neat process to see. Plus the sugar houses usually smell pretty darn wonderful.

At Kenyon Acres we're just planning for spring and playing with the piglets :-)

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