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Registered Hereford Boar

Updated: May 9, 2021


Looking to join #HerfNation or just interested in a boar piglet to bring some really beautiful genetics to your operation?

As the only Hereford breeder in NH, we are selling one piglet from our spring litter. Harry James is a rare beauty and he (or his offspring) will definitely turn heads in the show ring in the northeast or bring out some solid pasture genetics in your own herd.

Born 2/10/21, perfectly marked and beautifully socialized registered Hereford boar.

He's got a wonderful temperament and loves his belly rubs. He is not your typical little pig either. He will come right up and say hi. I have no doubt that he will continue to grow into a fabulous combination of both his mom and his dad.

As you see in the lower photo he does have a scar (hence the name) on his right hip (heat lamp burn) but the hair is steadily growing back and will likely cover it soon.

Serious inquiries only please. $400, includes CVI and registration.

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