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Things we've been up to

There's a new boar in town.

He's been here for a bit but we've added a new boar to our herd. World, meet Han Solo. Han Solo, meet the world.

Han arrived a couple months ago from Reinhart Mini Ranch in Merrill, Wisconsin. He is a full blood registered Hereford with a great pedigree. As a baby, he was the Reserve Champion Weanling at the 2020 National Hereford and Tamworth Show.

So far he's kind of a smiley goober who loves his head scratches and has been amazingly easy to handle. He does have a growl that sounds ferocious but really just means you're in the barn and not paying attention to him.

And, since it's finally nice enough to turn everyone out of the barn, he's enjoying the company of our three ladies. Hopefully all will go well and we'll have little ones come late summer/early fall.

Added 3 more hives to the apiary AND we've been invited to set up a hive at a gorgeous farm in Tilton. Once the new hives are established we'll be loading one up and moving it across the river.

2 pigs went off to freezer camp. Then Dad and I spent the better part of 3 weeks turning all the meat into 6 kinds of sausage and ground pork. Oh and bacon. But there's never enough bacon. Unfortunately, because of USDA processing rules, we can't sell any of it.

And, last but not least, we've added 2 barn cats. We have a pretty healthy and happy raptor population to keep the mice and squirrels down in the fields but they can't very well fly into the barns. We were fortunate in that the Pope Memorial SPCA in Concord had 2 cats that were suitable for barn life. They spent two weeks adjusting to being at the farm and then we opened the door to the crate and let them be free. We know they're around but we haven't seen them. But we have seen less mice...

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