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I think it's Wednesday


More food, more messes


More food, more messes. Now time for the job that pays the bills...


Geez they're growing.


I checked the camera and everybody was getting pretty restless. So it's time for some lawn time.

Move the littles, move the pen. Goodness it's a gorgeous day.

Wiggles gets to free range and I also brought Little Dude out after a bit. Both of them have some special challenges so being in the fray with their sisters and one brother can be a bit rough.

If you remember from day 1, Little Dude has some injuries from one of his siblings. They're healing but I wanted to clean some of the dirt off his face. So here's me sitting on the lawn, Little Dude is wrapped up in a t-shirt, I've got a bucket of warm water with baby wash, and a clean cloth.


I thought about sending out a note to my town Facebook page that I wasn't abusing a baby pig and making him scream, I was just trying to wash his face.

I made up some electrolytes and mixed them with yoghurt as an outdoor snack. They weren't hugely impressed and it sat there for quite a bit while they dug little holes in the lawn.

Otherwise, we just chilled outside enjoying the weather. Little Dude and Wiggles climbed all over me and tried to move me about with their tiny noses and I popped in and out of the garage cleaning up the shavings while keeping an eye on everyone.


I get the great idea to shower. Check the camera when I get out and instead of a pile of sleeping piggies, I see the 5 big ones messing with the 2 smaller ones.

Time to divvy up the pen a bit.

My brilliant idea didn't actually work so I improvised: a steel tractor bucket wing and the door to the transport crate zip tied to each other and the pen walls.

Now Little Dude and Wiggles have a space to themselves that still has some heat lamp but can give them the time and space to get stronger without their annoying siblings.

Otherwise, I'm tired.

The 5 big ones are pretty capable at pan feeding and really don't need me waking up every couple hours to check on them. Wiggles and Little Dude, however, still need a lot of attention. To be fair though, they are only 9 days old and didn't have the greatest start.

So for now, I will enjoy this break between feedings, find something for dinner, and maybe finish up a quick project or two.

Or, more likely: stare blankly into the abyss until it's time for the next feeding. :-)

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