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Piglets.... in the house?

If you've followed our Facebook page for a while you know that I do enjoy sharing the funny things that happen at the farm. This is one such story.

Bit of context: Friday was wonderfully warm and almost a bit humid. Being classic New Englanders, 60 in March means open all the doors and windows and let the warmth in! So both porch doors and the door to the house were wide open.

The story: Friday night Dad and I were working in what I refer to as the Meat Packing Plant (it's our assemblage of equipment for on-site processing). I was vacuum sealing up some steaks when Dad looks over and says:

"Is that you or the sealer making grunting noises?"

"Not me."

I walked over to the door to see 4 little legs go running by... I run up the stairs and there go two of the littles booking it up the driveway.

The adventurous ones by the way: Harry James and Luna.

These two.

Yep. The little pigs have become adventurous enough that the open doors on the porch looked like an awesome place to go exploring. Needless to say, their free-ranging days have come to an end.

But what an end!

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